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Image by Jeremy Bishop

The world is the ultimate classroom.

Mountain to Sea Education creates learning opportunities in environmental science and geography to help youth explore, understand, and positively impact the world. 

Our Work

Youth growing up on a fast-changing planet need more than traditional school learning of math, reading, literacy, science, and social studies. They need to see and experience these subjects’ real-world connections—including opportunities to apply math, use technology, conduct real research, and communicate to audiences beyond school walls. They need to see themselves as scientists, problem-solvers, and artists creating the future, while learning from leaders making an impact today.


Mountain to Sea Education (M2S) works with schools and organizations eager to connect students creatively to real world phenomena, to better understand how we can all work together to sustain healthy land, air, water, and life on Earth.

Image by Khachik Simonian

M2S services include
K-12 curriculum development, print and digital publishing, teacher professional development design, and public engagement consulting.

M2S brings educational projects to life from our clients' rough concepts, fully-formed plans that needs execution, or something in between.

M2S programs help 
educators and students by connecting to and enhancing current instructional models and standards. Starting with investigations in their own communities, students connect real-world experience to make standards-based learning come alive. 


"Clearly, nature calls to something very deep in us. Biophilia, the love of nature and living things, is an essential part of the human condition. Hortophilia, the desire to interact with, manage and tend nature, is also deeply instilled in us. The role that nature plays in health and healing becomes even more critical for people working long days in windowless offices, for those living in city neighborhoods without access to green spaces, for children in city schools.... The effects of nature’s qualities on health are not only spiritual and emotional but physical and neurological. I have no doubt that they reflect deep changes in the brain’s physiology, and perhaps even its structure."


— Oliver Sacks, M.D., Neurologist and Author

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